Hey Folks, welcome to my website!

In these times where people click/scrub through anything extremely fast rather than taking their time and have a closer look at things, I am very happy you took your time to visit and even read this page. I guess everyone is proud of some things he or she does. So am I and I think that this is the main reason I came up with a personal footprint. In the beginning I had no interest in traveling or doing certain things just because I was either scared or lacking the opportunity to do it. I really got inspired by reading a lot of blogs/stories from other people who had done awesome adventures and I always felt like: Hey why can't I do that kind of stuff? After I went to China for half a year to study abroad I finally realized that I want to see more of the world. I really was driven by the following question: When I will be old and I sit on my couch thinking about my life, wouldn't I regret that I never went out to see the pyramids, the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China and all the different cultures and other things we have on our planet? I believe there is no need for you to be "Digital Zen Nomad", do Yoga or whatever to have an awesome travel. You can just do it by having a normal job, a normal life. In the end everyone has to decide for himself what makes him happy. Hopefully I can help inspire people to follow their inner urge to explore new things.

Have a great day!